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Thermal Camera for Restaurant

Thermal Camera for Restaurant

The coronavirus epidemic spreading throughout the world is expected to have a significant effect on all industries, including the restaurant industry, from giant diners to small restaurants. In this extremely challenging time, it’s crucial then that restaurants take the appropriate measures to safeguard their customers’ and employees’ safety and health and comply with the state regulations and orders.

As the number of cases of the virus continues to grow and governments across the globe respond to this unprecedented health crisis, we at Thermal Scan Camera are committed to providing life-saving products such as a thermal camera for restaurant to our clients.

How to Stay in Business and Keep Safe and Healthy in This Unprecedented Crisis

Restaurants are having a hard time remaining open during this pandemic. But there are ways you can adapt your operations as the epidemic changes consumer behavior. Here are tips for remaining safe, healthy, and staying in business during this event.

  • Install Thermal Cameras

Have clear and separate entry and exit points and install thermal cameras. That will help screen everyone entering your establishment remotely. You can decide to prevent access to anyone with elevated body temperature.

Alternatively, you can have an isolation area for those with raised body temperatures and ensure that you have a professional team on standby throughout your operating hours. That way, anyone who has a higher than normal body temperature can be further tested to establish their status before allowing them into your restaurant.

  • Take Advantage of Takeout and Delivery

Your business and customers will benefit from no-contact takeout and delivery. By offering meal plans with multiple portions instead of single entrees, you’ll save on packaging. Besides, you’ll receive revenue for a number of meals instead of one or two. On the other hand, your customers will get meals to last them several days with limited outside contact.

  • Be in Constant Communication with Your Customers

In any line of business, communication is vital more so with the ongoing pandemic. Keeping your business at the top of the mind of your customers during this time is crucial in ensuring business continuity. Whether you’ve shut down temporarily or changed the way you operate, you have to keep your guests in the know. You can share basic recipes, videos, photos, kitchen skills, and any other content on your social media channels to let customers know that you still exist.

Things are changing every other day. So, remind your customers to maintain social distancing, and that your restaurant still offers takeout and delivery options. Also, reassure your guests that you're committed to their safety and health and of your employees too.

Safety and Health First

With the presently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have opted to keep their doors shut to comply with the state shut down orders to protect their employees and customers from contracting and spreading the coronavirus. Not all restaurants have shut down, though, including ours.

So, if your business is still open and you’re taking all the precautions to safeguard everyone in your establishment, then you should also consider enhancing your safety and health measures with our thermal camera for restaurant. This will help monitor everyone who comes through your doors to make sure they don't have above average body temperatures, which is one of the symptoms of the virus. To place your order, call us today on 1-866-669-3669.

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